Linda Laino Paintings
"Oye""False Prophet"Offering 2Passing SongCircadian DreamGuardians*Transactions With Beauty*Outside the LinesOutside the Lines (detail)TotemDwellingFull HandTrue BelieverMessengerMessenger 2:  Three WishesMessenger 2: Three Wishes- DetailMessenger 3:  LitanyMessenger 4:  Gilding the LilyMessenger 5:  Invisible InkMessenger 6:  Nocturnal TidingsMessenger 7:  SouvenirsMomentary PastureProfound Remembrance(detail)Memory and MindMemory and Mind (detail)Leading The BlindLeading The Blind (detail)Symbiotic ReverieSymbiotic Reverie (detail)AblutionThe Poet's LaborLa RaizLike WaterGarudaThe Edge of KnowingEnsueñoUmbilicus 2
Paintings 2009-16
" Art is not about the expression of talent or the making of pretty things. It is about the preservation and containment of soul. It is about arresting life and making it available for contemplation. Art captures the eternal in the everyday and it is the eternal that feeds the soul-the whole world in a grain of sand"
-Thomas Moore

All paintings are watercolor and mixed drawing media (surface fixed) on hand-felted wool, rice paper, and various hand-made papers mounted on birch plywood.